Call Recording for Analog, Digital and IP Recorders for Call and Contact Centres

Verion specializes in call recording solutions for financial trading rooms and the contact centre industry. The Veriva Suite of Products brings conventional Contact Centre CRM functionalities into the financial trading rooms. Our Veriva solutions are derived from a combined field experience of more than 50 years’ in the call recording industry.  The Veriva solutions offers contact centres with cost effective CRM solutions seamlessly integrated with call recording functionalities.

Call Recording Systems - Veriva Sentinel
Call Recording for Analog, Digital and IP Recorders for Call and Contact Centres
Voice Recorder Solution
  • Call Recorder for mix telephony interfaces on a single platform
  • Meets voice recording compliance regulations across multiple industries
  • Records both voice and data communications for every customer interaction
  • Triggers recording via Voltage, VOX, D-Channel or Continuous Settings
  • Flexible configurable administration to meet different business recording rules
  • Live audio streaming and recording across IP based networks
  • Compatible recording with leading digital PBX and dealerboard manufacturers


Security Control Centre Solutions - SENTIENT
Intelligent Security Control Centre for Surveillance - Access Control, CCTV, Intercom, Public Address and Lighting Control System

Security Control Centre Solution

  • Intuitive Touchscreen Technology
  • Multiple System Monitoring
  • Flexible Integration with security and communications sub-systems
  • Fast, Secured and User Friendly for Security Control
  • Multiple Locations with one control centre
  • Complete Security Control with one interface
CRM Software for Financial Services - TraderStation CRM
Customer Relationship Management Across All Key Financial Market Sectors - Forex, Money, Equities & Deposits
CRM for Financial Services
  • Increases Customer Confidence in Financial Trading
  • Complete CRM Solution for Customer Financial & Interaction Records
  • Designed for Financial Capital Markets and Islamic Forex Trading
  • Transparent and Accurate Dissemination of Customer Information
  • Flexible and Customizable to Fit Financial Trading Environment
  • Information are Automated for Faster Access and Better Customer Relationship Management


EMS Station: Public Safety CAD - Computer Aided Emergency Dispatch Software
A Centralized CAD (Computer Aided Dispatch) solution for Public Safety and 911 Emergency Call Centre Markets
Computer Aided Dispatch
  • Suitable for CAD - Computer Aided Dispatch 911 Emergency, FIRE and POLICE Call Centres
  • Tracks Incidents and Dispatcher Information in Public Safety and Emergency Markets
  • Provide Accurate Emergency Incident Information
  • Automated Caller Information Retrieval Upon Answering of Distress or  Emergency Calls
  • Integrated Emergency Dispatch Control Reduces Call Response Time
  • Increases Performance and Efficiency of Dispatchers in 911 situations


CRM Station: CRM for Call Centre Industry
CRM integrated front end to display critical information obtained from existing back-end systems in the call centre


  • Minimal response times for any customer communication in the call centre environmet;
  • Self-help ad hoc information on customer account status in the CRM Station
  • Single view or interaction by the call centre to access complete CRM information on the respective account leading faster response;
  • Call Centre efficiencies in answering enquiries and processing requests by CRM Station PC client
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